Greener Spaces


我们正在推进实现2030年目标, which include halving embodied carbon intensity and reducing operational emissions by 75%. We are also committed to futureproofing our places for climate resilience, 加快循环经济发展, 实现生物多样性收益, minimising water use and upgrading EPC ratings across our portfolio.


Embodied carbon

From 2030, we will reduce embodied carbon in new developments by 50%.

100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate, achieved low embodied carbon intensity of 389kg CO2在可持续性方面被评为BREEAM杰出.

35 %

Reduction in embodied carbon across our office developments vs 2019 industry benchmarks


By 2030, we will reduce the carbon associated with our operations by 75% and improve whole building energy efficiency of existing assets by 25%. All new developments will operate in line with the UKGBC 2030 targets and design out fossil fuels where possible. Beyond 2030, our long term aim is that our portfolio performs in line with the UKGBC's Paris Proof 2050 targets.

Our Transition Vehicle is a key mechanism for delivering on our operational energy and embodied carbon commitments. It is funded by our internal levy of £60 per tonne of embodied carbon in developments. Of this, two-thirds is available to finance retrofitting projects which improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from our standing portfolio. The remaining third is used to purchase carbon credits to mitigate residual embodied carbon in our developments. 云顶集团游戏公司还提供每年500万英镑的浮存金. 我们的过渡车辆委员会每年召开三次会议. We provide the current balance of the Transition Vehicle in our Sustainability Progress Report.

Our head office, York House, is one of multiple buildings where we have installed air source pumps for low-carbon heating.

40 %





We continue to futureproof our portfolio for climate resilience. Our Climate Resilience Action Plans for our places cover flood risk management, 热舒适和自然为基础的策略是适当的. Our net zero carbon strategy also futureproofs our portfolio under future climate scenarios.

我们对谢尔登广场3号的低碳改造, 帕丁顿中心, 保留和重用现有结构, 同时把大楼改造成全电动的, improving energy efficiency by over 40% and upgrading to EPC A.

100 %

Managed assets and major developments have undergone a flood risk assessment



Circular economy

We aim to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, working towards zero waste. This includes prioritising reuse and recycling across all our places and sourcing all construction materials from ethical and sustainable sources. 减少碳含量, our number one priority is to use less – retaining existing building components, 重复利用材料,注重设计效率.

诺顿福尔盖特, 我们尽可能地保留和重复使用, including 29,000块原始鹅卵石, over 20,000 bricks, 数以百计的木托梁, 烟囱罐等文物特征.

99 %



We recognise the intrinsic value of nature and the key role it has in supporting the health and wellbeing of customers and visitors to our places. We have been enhancing nature at our places for more than a decade, through the introduction of green infrastructure and landscape management.

交易广场于2022年作为伦敦最新的公园重新开放, 将Broadgate的绿地面积扩大了四倍.

15 %


Water use

我们的目标是尽量减少用水, optimising efficiency and maximising opportunities for rainwater and greywater recycling. Our 我们地方的可持续发展概要 sets out our targets to reduce modelled potable water use on new developments. 制定2025年常备资产目标, following the release of Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) freshwater targets.

The Dock Shed, Canada Water, 目标是减少50%的用水强度吗, 还有从淋浴间收集的灰水,用来冲厕所.

5 %


EPC ratings

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are one measure of the modelled energy efficiency of properties. British Land has a strong track record of improving actual operational efficiency and has set challenging targets to drive further progress.

在我们管理的投资组合中, the majority of our assets have a net zero plan and 50% of our portfolio is now rated EPC A or B. This is up from 45% at FY23, and we expect to be around 60% at FY24.

50 %

我们的投资组合评级为EPC A或B




net zero pathway






a. A1-A3是指产品阶段, 材料的采购, 运输到制造工厂和制造过程. A4-A5是指施工阶段, the transport from plan to site and on site construction and installation, 包括废物处理.
b. B1-B5是指在使用中, 包括建筑物使用期间产生的废气, maintenance, repair, replacement, refurbishment.
c. 目标是能源强度至少提高25%. 当投资组合的净零审计完成时, these asset-specific paths to Net Zero Carbon will provide asset-specific reduction targets for our 2030 programme.
d. Interim figure, will be updated following the publication of the UKGBC’s Paris Proof Energy Performance Targets for Retail.