Key Financing Statistics

  2023年9月 2023年3月
净债务 £2.2bn £2.2bn
Weighted average debt maturity 5.6年 5.3年
Weighted average interest rate 2.6% 2.9%
Interest cover1 5.8x 5.4x
Loan to value2 28.0% 27.4%
Unsecured Committed facilities £2.1bn £2.1bn
Of which undrawn and cash £1.7bn £1.8bn
集团 senior unsecured credit rating A A
集团 and share of funds and joint ventures    
% of debt at fixed/capped interest rates (spot) 100% 100%
% of debt at fixed/capped interest rates over 5 years (average) 84% 76%
净债务3 £3.2bn £3.2bn
Weighted average debt maturity 5.7岁 5.9岁
Weighted average interest rate 3.4% 3.5%
Interest cover1 3.5x 3.4x
Loan to value2 36.9% 36.0%

1 Underlying profit before interest and tax / net interest
2 债务 to property and investments
3 Adjusted net debt £3.2bn (31 March 2023, £3.2bn). Adjusted net debt differs from IFRS net debt by excluding the mark to market on commercially effective derivatives and related debt instruments.