云顶集团游戏公司来说,有效的风险管理是我们开展业务的基础. It directly informs our strategy and how we position the business to create value whilst delivering positive outcomes for all our stakeholders on a long term sustainable basis.

我们维持一个全面的风险管理程序,以识别, 评估和应对公司面临的各种财务和非财务风险, 包括那些可能威胁偿付能力和流动性的风险, 以及识别新出现的风险. 我们的方法并不打算完全消除风险, 而是管理我们在整个业务中的风险敞口, 同时充分利用我们的机会. 我们的集成 风险管理方法 combines a top-down strategic view with a complementary bottom-up operational process as outlined in the diagram and detailed below.

总之, 我们的风险管理方法以风险意识为中心, 清楚地定义我们的风险偏好, responding to changes to our risk profile quickly and having a strong risk management culture among employees with clear roles and accountability. Our organisational structure ensures close involvement of senior management in all significant decisions as well as in-house management of our development, 资产和物业管理活动.


  • Continued to manage our response to Covid-19 with business resilience and risk management at the core of our approach
  • 积极管理租金收取及租户风险
  • 根据我们的战略和不断发展的市场重新调整主要风险类别
  • 引入了对关键控制运行有效性的正式内部测试, as part of a wider roadmap of readiness activities for the UK Government’s proposed corporate governance reforms
  • 加强我们的资讯科技基础设施、网络安全环境和钥匙控制
  • Completed scenario analysis of both physical and transitional climate-related risks aligned to TCFD requirements. 也, we have undertaken detailed net zero carbon audits across 29 of our major office and retail assets and have undertaken EPC modelling across our managed assets


  • Continue to regularly support the business through managing the risks arising from both the macroeconomic environment and the war in Ukraine
  • 有效的风险管理我们的主要运营风险,包括开发,健康 & 安全,我们与第三方的合作关系以及我们的占用者风险
  • 与企业合作,在实施2030年可持续发展战略的过程中降低风险
  • Continue to deliver on our roadmap of readiness activities for the UK Government’s proposed corporate reforms, 包括继续加强我们的内部控制框架
  • 继续加强我们的资讯科技基础建设和整体管理环境

The 董事会 has overall responsibility for risk and for maintaining a robust risk management and internal control system. The 董事会 is responsible for determining the level and type of risk that the Group is willing to take in achieving its strategic objectives. The amount of risk is assessed in the context of our strategic priorities and the external environment in which we operate – this is 我们的风险偏好. 审计委员会和ESG委员会通过提供关键的监督和保证作用来支持董事会. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control processes during the year.

The Executive Directors and Risk Committee (comprising the 执行委员会 and senior management across the business, chaired by the Chief Financial Officer) have overall accountability for the management of risks across the business. 主要风险由风险和审计委员会评估和监测, 并根据需要实施适当的缓解措施.

The effective day-to-day management of risk is embedded within our operational business units and forms an integral part of all activities. This bottom-up approach allows potential risks to be identified at an early stage and escalated as appropriate, 采取缓解措施来管理此类风险. 每个业务单位都有一个指定的风险代表,并保持一个全面的风险登记册. 风险委员会每季度对风险登记册的变更进行审查, 我们每六个月向审计委员会正式报告重大和新出现的风险.

Internal audit acts as an independent and objective assurance function by evaluating the effectiveness of our risk management and internal control processes, 通过独立审查. 通过这种方法, 本集团采用“三道防线”的风险管理模式, 以运营管理为第一线, 风险委员会和内部风险管理团队构成第二线, 最后是内部审计作为第三道防线.



我们的风险管理框架是围绕云顶集团游戏面临的主要风险构建的. We use a risk scoring matrix to ensure risks are evaluated consistently; we assess the likelihood, 财务影响(对收入和资本价值的影响)和声誉影响. From this we identify both the external and internal strategic and operational principal risks which currently have a higher likelihood and potential impact on our business. 同时,董事会认识到其对外部主要风险的控制相当有限, 它审查了它们对我们业务的潜在影响, 我们在做决策时也会考虑到这些因素. For our internal principal risks the 董事会 makes sure that appropriate controls and processes are in place to manage these risks.

董事会确认对集团面临的主要风险和新出现的风险进行了强有力的评估, 包括那些可能威胁到其商业模式的因素, 未来的表现, 偿付能力或流动性, 以及集团的战略重点, was carried out during the year taking into account the Covid-19 risk and the evolving economic and geopolitical environment.

在这一年, 在风险及审计委员会进行全面检讨后, 我们重新审视了我们的主要风险,以考虑我们的战略和市场的演变, 同时结合几个相互关联的风险.

这里总结了主要的变化和评估, 在上面的主要风险表中, 包括对我们业务的关键影响, 我们的缓解措施和主要风险指标.



Our current assessment is that the general external environment in which the Group operates remains uncertain, albeit several principal risks to our business have reduced from their elevated position last year reflecting the lessened impact of Covid-19 and the reopening of the UK economy.


  • 政治、法律和监管风险
  • 校园的房地产市场风险
  • 重大事件/业务中断风险
  • 客户的风险

同时, 我们的环境可持续性以及人员和文化风险略有增加:

  • 环境可持续性风险对我们的业务日益突出和重要, 我们的客户和其他关键利益相关者
  • 人和文化风险在这一年中有所增加, reflecting the challenging operating environment caused by Covid-19 together with general rising wage expectations and a recent increase in employee mobility. 看到 风险的热量 地图上面.